System Admin GUI not making changes to system?

From the system admin page I am unable to make any real changes to the PBX. I can’t reboot it, change DNS or change Email settings. When I go to intrusion detection I get an error. I’ve tried to downgrade system admin module and run fwconsole chown with no real effect. Any ideas?

Is this a Distro system? If yes what version?
Did you ACTIVATE the system? Provide more info.

I believe changing email settings is a paid feature of System Admin.

FreePBX V13 - Distro System fully updated to -17
Asterisk V13
System is activated and has the System Admin Pro paid module

There are a couple of places that require updates to email address. There’s one in Syadmin Pro, there are also a couple in a couple other placed (like in the Advanced Settings and Backup/Restore module).

If you weren’t running Sysadmin Pro, I’d suggest something like the following:

grep mail \find /etc/asterisk -type f` (the \\ is a back tick, next to the ‘1’ key)

from a console login.

Can you open a commercial module ticket with us at, so that we can take a look at why things aren’t working as they should.

Ticket #629096

The ticket has been open for a bit with some progress but I was hoping to run into someone with the same experience on the forums.