SysInfo updated 1426966234 seconds ago

After VM ran out of memory, the system was not responsive and did hard restart of the VM. After the restart the Sysinfo does not reset and the Statistics Graph takes a significant amount of time (30-45 sec) causing the UI to be sluggish.

running: 6.12.65-26

  • Is there any way to reset the sysinfo stat?
  • Is that what is causing the graph to be slow?

Takes 30-45 seconds or more to get to this point:

When UI releases and select Asterisk, Uptime, etc.i can get to the graph, but the refresh returns the graph to the image above.

Thanks for the help.

1426966234 ago was the unix “epoch” . Is your system hardware/software RTC working properly?

Thanks for the quick reply, this is classic in that the seconds reset about an hour after posting (it wouldn’t reset for 3 days). The real issue I am more concerned with is that the graph (process) is impacting the UI/system performance.

Any thoughts on how I could diagnose this issue? I have three other implementations that are on the same deployment level and not having this issue.

RTC is accurate / functioning fine.


I think you’ll find that a mysql table is having some issues.You should probably check all your databases

Thanks !! that worked. After looking at the options and running " mysqlcheck --all-databases --repair" the graph and overall UI is now responsive the way it should be (30-60 seconds and timeouts to 2-5 seconds).

thanks again!!