SysadminPro/EPM create VPN client files for VPN server on other machine

I have my remote Yealink phones connect to a VPN server running on my hardware based firewall.

Now there is the new VPN server function in Sysadmin Pro and the capability in EPM for provisioning VPN client files, and I would like to use this to create VPN tar files for my Yealinks.

So my VPN server is not running on my FreePBX machine, but on another server on my network.

Is it possible to reconfigure the FreePBX VPN server end, so that the VPN client files I create from sysadmin can connect to a VPN server, that is on a different machine (same network though)?

No the EPM VPN is all integrated into the VPN server in sysadmin and wont ever change. As it needs to create the files and setup the phone correct. Sorry not something we would change

Could be fairly simple to accomplish. A small feature request to make it possible for the Sysadmin VPN to generate and manage credentials for an off-board VPN server (as will be the case with most enterprise customers) in addition to using the on-board VPN server running on the same machine as asterisk.

We can easily override the internally-generated server keys in the easy-rsa folder with the server keys for the external VPN server, so that user keys and certs you generate will be accepted on our server. However, we can not find a user .conf template file to edit and override the default server settings in, and assume you are generating the openvpn.conf file client settings in PHP code. The feature request is that you move the client side openvpn.conf settings into a template file somewhere that can be overridden if desired, that you use when generating the client credentials.

With that one change, we can easily use EPM to push credentials when using either the internal OpenVPN server or our external one.

Feel free to open a feature request at