Sysadmin shows wrong server time

The timezone my FPBX server shows in Sysadmin is Eastern Time, which is where I am in, but “date” command shows my timezone is UTC, which is what CDR records show as well.

How do I fix this?

[[email protected] ~]# date
Mon May 22 18:47:41 UTC 2017
[[email protected] ~]#

10.13.66-19 High Availability

That will be in your various php.ini files and your systems TZ settings,

date.timezone = UTC

if you want your FreePBX in UTC

most Linux’ read


for the local system time presentation, google will show you how to change that for your OS. but most have


for a non GUI way.

Regardless of what is displayed, there is not time zone set. Configure the time zone fields properly and submit.

Does that require a server reboot?