Sysadmin pro vpn setup

i d like to know if we can configure the vpn in the sysadmin pro module to allow vpn connection from a specific location (not only for freepbx support).
Also does anyone have sample config of openvpn on freepbx 12 without sysadmin pro ?

Thank you

No, sysadmin pro vpn is currently just for support purposes. Our M3 product soon to be release will have some vpn options.

thanks…what s the M3 product for?

(Multi Machine Management)
M3 will provide you with a professional management tool for managing groups and multiple installs of FreePBX or other compatible servers. Going beyond basic monitoring, M3 will provide organizations insight and management tools to deploy changes and updates before problems affect critical business processes. Learn more about this new product here. (PDF)

There is also some vpn stuff on the roadmap for sysadmin pro, but not sure how far along that is.