SysAdmin Pro Module Not Seeing 10.13.66-21 Update

Running 10.13.66-20 and SysAdmin GUI not showing any updates.
Tried CLI and it returns system up to date.

Has 10.13.66-21 been pulled?

Yes. You can use yum to upgrade with if there is anything specific you need, otherwise wait until it’s been reinstated.

OK thanks. Was scratching my head because it still shows on the wiki as released no mention of it being pulled.

Out of curiosity, should we be doing anything other than the upgrade scripts to keep the OS current and secure? Im just used to running security and general updates on all my other linux boxes more frequently.

Oh. I followed the ‘Manual Upgrade Using Version Upgrade Scripts’ guide when the SysAdmin Pro module didn’t work. It seemed to install ok. Will this cause a problem? Can I back it out?

No, you are fine.

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