Sysadmin pro. How to enable routing through VPN Tunnel

I use SysAdmin Pro module to configure the Open VPN server.
OpenVPN server works, and VPN clients see the FreePBX host ( through VPN tunnel. However, it is necessary for me that clients, in addition to, also could see hosts from the subnet that is connected to the LAN adapter of FreePBX Host - / 24.
For this, in the menu OpenVPN Server → Settings I have switched the route to Yes.

However, after this, the clients still do not see the subnet / 24, and they begin to see it only after I give the command “route add mask” at the client side.
What’s wrong?

Have you read the wiki?

If you went through the documentation, then your best step is to open a support request with Sangoma

You might be able to get it to work by enabling the Redirect Gateway, but really I would not expect sysadmin to properly route between interfaces.

May I buy technical support separately or if I buyed this module I can open support request with Sangoma?

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