SysAdmin module - fail2ban customization

The fail2ban intrusion detection capability that comes with the basic SysAdmin module works well.

But I have some IP’s that, despite reporting, continue to pound away. I had found a couple of ways to permanently ban repeat offenders. Here’s one:

When I tried to make the changes to the /etc/fail2bin/jail.local file there's a big warning at the top: #Configuration automatically generated via the PBXact Utility #DO NOT HAND MODIFY THIS FILE! #generated: Sun, 01 Dec 2013 03:11:13 -0700

I looked for a template file that might be modified but did not find one, at least that was readable. Is there a way to customize this feature?

Thank you - Richard

You can not modify that file. Sorry.

Your answer seemed pretty final, but I’ll ask anyway: Does the commercial module allow any customization?

Thanks - Richard

No it does not.

I too have been working on resolving this issue, if you update to a later version of fail2ban, you can have multiple .local files in a jail.d folder, this enables you to continue to use the PBXact module, without breaking it, whilst still defining specific .local files and not editing the jail.conf directly (as i did previously to get around this PBXact issue).