Sysadmin installation fails / hangs


I am setting up a debian box with the freepbx tarball (2.11). Everything looks quite ok, I can make calls (asterisk 11.6).

However, installation of module system admin fails. I have satisfied dependencies on Zend Guard Loader & incrond, but when I try to install, I get the status windows “Please wait while module actions are performed” - but nothing happens.

I’ve tried to execute the install script directly (calling in the url modules/sysadmin/install.php) and got a message back saying that the script cant be access directly. Which leads me to believe Zend Guard is ok.

1- What could be wrong ?
2- I’d like to re-download the module (currently, module admin says it is local and can be installed.). How can I revert to “download” status ?

My first question is obviously what I really need !

Thanks for any support you can bring


bump… !

We only support CentOS with this module.

Thanks for the answer. I’ve continued to dig (stubborn me), and indeed, the sysadmin module relies on the centos sysadmin package, so little chances to have it on debian…

for the reference, my issue was caused by the wrong version of PHP & Zend Guard Loader. Once fixed, it now fails trying to assess which version of sysadmin is installed, and I’ve stopped there