Sysadmin to

Hmmm… such a jump in versions scares me having kept my system up to date, well, as up to date as possible since it is deprecated; 1.818.210.58-1.

I just updated, a few weeks ago, sysadmin to and now a few weeks pass and we are up to

Seems that at times the modules have been a bit problematic needing fixes fairly quickly after installation.

My question and crux of my post is, what happened to to

Of course that info might be in the changelog, but not much real info there other than mostly “packaging”…



If you look at the change log for sysadmin you will see the following Packaging of ver Packaging of ver remove phone config menu item Packaging of ver Packaging of ver

Additionally - and I can’t speak directly for SchmoozeCom - but not all software versions numbers of any software get released. I never saw a windows 5 or 6 before 7 came out.

Sure you did.

Windows 5.1 was the release version of XP and 6.0 was Vista.

Windows has always had a version number going back to Version 1. I have lots of crap around my office to remind me how old I am but one of the cooler things is Windows 1 and 2 that came for free from Adobe when purchasing the Postscript engine and some fonts. We were using Pagemaker for technical publishing. I still have the font pack along with some Pagemaker disks, Linotype, Monotype fonts etc. I used to have a Laserjet Font cartridge before you could download fonts to the engine.

These were interesting times for PC’s, the foundations shaped the visuals of the type we see today. The ubiquitous Arial is a licensed copy of Helvetica that was actually a copy of Megaron (a Linotype font if I remember).

Font selection is a lost art, we just accept the 40 or so fonts that the W3C shoves down our throat.

Anyway, Alan thanks for a reason to take the old brain cells out for a walk. Next week can I talk about Desqview X (a windows X server for PC’s to multitask DOS apps, it rocked!).

LOL! Scott, your spot on!

Alan, I did look at the change log, which I mentioned in my Q and I guess if I was a programmer and was programming the modules I might understand; Packaging of ver Packaging of ver Packaging of ver Packaging of ver

Now, I can certainly understand “ remove phone config menu item”.

Still… don’t see anything about .57 to .62 and maybe they just decided to add/fix stuff and not release it.

So… without being cryptic, maybe someone knowledgeable will advise us on the scoop? Not a big deal, but why skip and then name a version when all one did was package it?


The jump is with commercial modules every change we make takes rolling a new module to test it and we were fixing a bug with the UPS notifications not showing up in the Notification portion of Sysadmin and took many versions to trial and error to lock down the bug and fix it.

Also we added a new auto registration for licensing that took alot of trial and error also.

I did not notice your reference to the change log in your original post. My apologies.

Spot on as usual about the Windows versions. I remember Deskview, OS/2 (both text based and GUI) as well as Windows 286 and 3.1 from my college days at SUI Carbondale. I worked for the computer department of the university. We even had a NeXT cube in our lab, now that was a system well ahead of the time.

Alan, Most folks remember Deskview but did you ever see Deskview X, it was fully graphical using the X windows standard. I use to open Desktops on BSD machines, it was very cool.

Tony, Thank-you very much!