Sys Info and CPU temp

This may sound silly but I’m wondering how FPBX determines the CPU temp it displays on the Sys Info page. The reason I ask is that I have two machines at the same FPBX level. Box ‘A’ has a working LM_SENSORS install, i.e. when I run ‘sensors’ at the bash prompt, I get sane output. Box ‘B’ was originally identical to Box ‘A’ in both hardware and software. I had to replace the motherboard in Box ‘B’ because of hardware compatibility issues with a new TDM card. Everything on Box ‘B’ works fine except for LM_SENSORS. I spent a few minutes on it but couldn’t figure out why so I put the issue at the back of my TODO list.

However, I noticed that Sys Info on Box ‘B’ shows a CPU temp that is apparently sane. It looks pretty much like the values I see in the BIOS. Where as Box ‘A’ (the one with a working LM_SENSORS install’ shows no CPU temp on the Sys Info page.

What’s up with that? Seems screwy.