Syntax for "additional files and folders" in Backup and Restore module?

i am trying to add the tftpboot folder using the additional files feature,
i tried what jonstar mentioned on another post using the quotes and separating with spaces, but it still doesnt work.
I want the /tftpboot directory and subdirectories.
so i used
and i also tried

yet i got errors (from httpd/error_log)

/bin/tar: /tftpboot/ : Cannot stat: No such file or directory
/bin/tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

and the tared files do not include these additional files.
any tips? how can I include this?


Ok, i just realized it is backing them up under a file called
where did it get this name? why is it not called tftpboot.tar.gz ?


You don’t need the quotation marks /tftpboot will capture the directory recursively.

hi Skyking,
I tried without the quotes too, and it didnt work.
Can you give me an example of 2 directories and 2 files

I just ran through the same thing and found that ANY “Additional Files and Folder” that you specify will show up as phoneconfig.tag.gz not just /tftpboot. Furthermore, if you only wanted to back up an additional folder and so don’t check one of the “Basic Settings” selections (CDR, Operator Panel… etc) it won’t backup the additional files or folder you selected.
verified in v2.8.1.4