Synchronizing two FreePBX servers

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Hey everyone,

Long time reader, first time poster.

We have two new Dell servers running Stable-6.12.65 freepbx distro and I was wondering what we should do to keep both servers synchronized for fail-over situations. The main server will be self hosted on site and the backup server will at a colo facility.

After searching the forums I found older entries that suggested Rsync. Is this still the recommended method? What config files would I need to sync with the lastest and greatest version of freePBX?

Any help/suggestions will be awesome!


Synchronizing two FreePBX servers
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I still use the flip1405 script on many of my systems to check off that HA box.

creates a Virtual IP for the systems to bind, so instead of freepbx1 and freepbx2, all your phones will register to a VIP called freepbx that one of the systems will bind to, and the other will check if it’s up.

I run my systems off of CentOS, YMMV if you run something else. What directories you want to sync is configurable. I just had to change the subnet mask for the interface it brings up since some of voice vlans are a /23

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Thanks and sorry for the late reply!

After searching around more, I found the Warm Spare Setup ( and have been trying to configure that as it seems to be exactly what we need.

However, I am having issues with the backup actually working, I either get too many login attempts or connection timed out when connecting warm spare to primary server for backup.

Does anyone have this working successfully? I have followed the steps to the T.


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The script I linked requires the servers to be able to ssh to eachother without a password, so you setup to ssh with keys.

I don’t use the module you linked, but I would expect it needs the same. You’ll have to find someone else who has used that specific module.

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I eventually got the backup and restore working great. The ssh issue was resolved by actually putting the key name in the key field and the location of it in the location field. This was not in the wiki but it was definitely a ‘doh!’ moment for me. Once it was setup properly, the nightly warm backup works awesome!