Synchronize Ringing on Grandstream Phones

I have a Ring Group with several extensions, among them are several Grandstream GXP-2135, 2170, and a DP752 with two DP720 phones paired.
It seems when a call comes into the ring group, all the GXP-2135 and 2170s rings are synced, however the cordless phones (DP720) have rings that are opposite of the “hardwired” phones. So while the 2135s are ringing, the DP720 are silent. When the 2135 stop ringing, the DP720 starts.

I know the community doesnt have anything nice to say about Grandstream, but I’m hoping there is a simple fix somewhere for this that I have been unable to find :expressionless:

If there is a fix, it will come from grandstream. The ringing you hear is controlled by the phone firmware.

There are zero devices on the market that talk to each other and coordinate their ring.

This is not how anything works.

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