Sync Peers between two servers

For quite some time now I have been running a Primary and Secondary setup of FreePBX 2.10. We have an Alcatel system in the equation and they all inter mingle and work well.

All of our Unidata WIFI and Polycom fixed IP phones are set to register to both servers which works flawlessly

I am now investigating IP gateways and have been playing about with a Vega 50 4-port analog unit which is fantastic however it will only register to one PBX at a time. It does support multiple Proxy’s however will only switch across when it looses sight of the primary.

Without going into too much detail this causes a problem with our network setup and incoming call routing.

I have been in touch with Sangoma and been sending rather detailed emails for the past 2 weeks but they are not quite grasping what I am trying to do.

I basically want the Vega to register to both servers the same as the Polycom and cheap Unidata handsets. - Simple!

I have therefore been giving myself a headache trying to think of a workaround without success. I am trying to think of away to sync peers from the primary to the secondary. I have found a few tutorials that say you need to sync the ASTDB however I have done this and it has no effect.

Can anyone help me on this one?