Sync Error inside advanced Recovery Module

Good morning,

We have an issue with the advanced recovery module: We have a primary and secondary server, while the secondary is running and server status is active and the last activity time is correct, the primary is running but server status is down with the last activity time stucked at days before.
We suppose that this information is not correct because we can reach and use the primary server without problems. If we click the “Sync Now” button, of course, we got the following error:
’There was an error during syncnowstatus’

Syncing successfully finished: ’ Running with: /usr/sbin/fwconsole advr --run --transaction=‘865fd5aa-43c9-411a-a2cf-05f246cb972b’ >> /var/log/asterisk/syncnowstatus_865fd5aa-43c9-411a-a2cf-05f246cb972b_out.log 2> /var/log/asterisk/syncnowstatus_865fd5aa-43c9-411a-a2cf-05f246cb972b_err.log & echo $!’

Can someone of you help us with this issue

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