Symlink(): No such file or Directery

I’ve just updated from the old PiaF distro to FreePBX 10.13.66-17 distro.
Now when I edit one of the existing extensions & hit the Submit button I get an alert with:

symlink(): No such file or Directory

And the Secret code gets erased.

If I turn off voicemail this doesn’t happen, but then I can’t turn voicemail back on.
I’ve tried deleting the extension & re-adding it back in & still get the same thing if I try to enable voicemail for the extension.

Is this a bug?
I’m kind of screwed if I can’t create new extensions with Voicemail.

Same thing if I try to create a new extension with quick create.

Never mind, I found this:

I didn’t have a device folder, I created it & ran fwconsole chown, then everything was happy again.