Symlink from modules failed

Hello All,

I am facing with “Symlink from modules failed” …

retrieve_conf failed to sym link:
This can result in FATAL failures to your PBX. If the target file exists and not identical, the symlink will not occur and you should rename the target file to allow the automatic sym link to occur and remove this error, unless this is an intentional customization.

and my /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf …

; Copied from DAHDI Module of FreePBX


#include chan_dahdi_general.conf


; include dahdi groups defined by DAHDI module of FreePBX
#include chan_dahdi_groups.conf

; include dahdi extensions defined in FreePBX
#include chan_dahdi_additional.conf

I am running AsteriskNow 1.7.1 + FreePBX

what should I do?

please help

hmm … just want to share, this problem resolved by removing chan_dahdi.conf … and rebuild it on Setup -> DAHDI -> Install chan_dahdi.conf