Symlink from modules failed and 1 Bad destination

Its my first time using PBX and went through install then needed to upgrade the modules right? Well, it updated and gave me some errors. Solutions to the problem has been to REMOVE or RENAME files.

Can anyone please show me how to Delete or Rename the files? I’ve tried to go through “config edit” and PHPAdmin with no joy.If a command line is needed in terminal or in GUI, what should I type?

System: CentOS 6.3, PIAF VirtualBox, PBX 2.11 beta 2.8, Asterisk 11.1.2, Incredible 11.1.2

retrieve_conf failed to sym link:
/etc/asterisk/cel.conf from cdr/etc (Already exists, not a link)
/etc/asterisk/cel_odbc.conf from cdr/etc (Already exists, not a link)
/etc/asterisk/res_odbc.conf from core/etc (Already exists, not a link)
This can result in FATAL failures to your PBX. If the target file exists and not identical, the symlink will not occur and you should rename the target file to allow the automatic sym link to occur and remove this error, unless this is an intentional customization.
Added 2 hours, 14 minutes ago

Also, “There are 1 bad destinations”

DEST STATUS: EMPTY Parking Lot: Default Lot () Added 2 hours, 14 minutes ago (retrieve_conf.BADDEST)

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

You can use the rm command in CentOS to delete those files, but be careful when using rm, you can delete your entire filesystem. See instructions on managing files and directories in CentOS in The Official Red Had Linux Getting Started Guide

As for the bad destination. Just go to the parking module and set a destination for the default parking lot.