Symlink:() file exists web gui

Please don’t stone me if this is in the wrong section, I have never posted and have been relatively lucky and had minor issues with my PBX Deployments.

So I noticed this morning there was 3 Extensions off line. as I looked into it more closely I notice that it was isolated to one phone with 3 extensions assigned to it. I checked fail2ban and low and behold that phone was banded so I cleared out the phone in questions ip address out of fail2ban and two of the extensions came back up but one is still not working. So I went straight to the id and password to make sure nothing was changed and I noticed that extension 3001 has no password assigned to it which is not right. so I correct the issue hit submit and BAM get hit with a notice “symlink:() file exists” I hit ok and receive the option to apply the settings so I do and no password is applied. I tried to delete the extension and recreate it and get the same message. This System has been in production for 3 years updates are done weekly and I have had no issues. I would rarely get symlink error under System Overview after a update but I that is just a minor nuisance.

I also notice that under the Reports tab Asterisk info, Peers 3001 does not even show up.

Asterisk Version: 13.7.0
FreePBX 13.0.72