Switching to Digital lines from analog lines

Hello i was wondering sense I’m in the USA if there was a unlimited digital line i can get? I keep seeing them saying unlimited but there not. Is there a unlimited one out there?


What is your application? How many concurrent calls do you need and what is your expected monthly minutes usage, incoming and outgoing? For the vast majority of businesses, ‘unlimited’ pricing is a poor deal.

Many providers offer truly unlimited incoming. For example, for US geographic DIDs, AnveoDirect charges $11.25/mo./channel, or you can pay by the minute at $0.004, resulting in a breakeven point of 2812 min./mo./channel. Most businesses use less than that on average, so per-minute pricing is the better choice. (Numbers are priced separately at $0.15/mo. each.)

There are also SIP trunks targeting small businesses that provide unlimited incoming on two or three channels. For example, Callcentric offers a 3-channel ‘office unlimited’ trunk for $8.95/mo., though the ToS prohibits call center, conference lines and similar services. These trunks are tied to a single number.

Unlimited outgoing SIP trunks do not exist, but (except for local calling), analog lines also are not unlimited. The terms of service generally prohibit outbound calling center and machine-to-machine applications, and/or have a soft cap of typically 5000 min./mo./channel. If an inexpensive trunking provider averages $0.0025/min. and you use 5000 min./mo./channel, each channel is costing you $12.50/mo., a lot less than an analog line.


Hello Stewart1 thank you. We have 4 analong lines here at 38 dollars a month per line. They are unlimited incoming and outgoing lines from Verizon fios. I did check they are unlimited. Monthly minute i use I’m honestly not sure of. Because i redirect a lot of calls from one place to another so a line can be tied up for 10 to 15 minutes each time. so it changes all the time some times we only use 3 lines some times all 4 and sometimes 2 lines. But honestly i don’t know how many minutes in a day it is.

Hello just a update i talked to my partner and he agree with are going to move to digital lines because the cost is to much plus verzion taxes and then there are New Jersey taxes compare to the analog lines the digital lines makes more sense. So in one week we will be doing that.

Keep in mind that many providers will expect you to continue to pay some or all of these fees and taxes on your own, or to at least roll them in to your new lines.

Now, for discussion’s sake - you are going to get one “line” with all of your phone numbers on it. They will be split out by FreePBX and delivered to wherever you want to calls to go based on your incoming routes. I’d recommend an “unlimited channels” plan, where you pay a flat rate per minute per channel-in-use. For most applications, this will minimize your expense and maximize your flexibility. Since there is no real concept of “a line” in SIP telephony, it will help you express what you are asking for if you know that you can literally have as many calls as you want coming into your single number (no more roll-over on busy, etc.) and you can do a mountain of work with a very simple configuration.

In the end nothing is unlimited. The house always wins and if they start losing money they will direct you to their fair use policy.

Unlimited it designed to let the provider make money. Always.

People are so stupid once the work unlimited gets tossed out. It is like their brains shut down. It is very simple math, and the primary reason I never recommend anything but metered trunks for any SMB. They simply never have enough usage to be anything else.

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