Switching to Asterisk 17

Hello, everyony.
Today I have found Asterisk 17 in the repository. I tried to switch to it, but the installer says Asterisk17 conflicts with the current installation. Asterisk-version-switch does not offer Asterisk17. How to deal with this problem?

You wait for asterisk-version-switch to be updated.

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Yes we are yet to validate the Asterisk 17 with FreePBX. We will update, as soon as we are done with internal validation. Thanks.

@kgupta1 , That’s a little amusing, can you define which ‘we’ released Asterisk 17 and which ‘we’ needs to validate it ?

You guys at Sangoma need to set up a "Tuesday morning " meeting so ‘we’ means Sangoma to all of us :slight_smile:

Well Sangoma never said they released it. It’s in the testing repos and a community member who has those repos installed saw it there. It’s in the testing repos so it can be validated.

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That’s what 'Tuesday morning meetings" are designed to prevent, nobody then gets confused or blindsided just as @dux is .

As a corporation when you have something to say, say it, before that keep quiet.

Edit : a little due diligence, no it is not in testing it was released on Feb 4


there is a changelog


None of looks too hard for @kgupta1 and his team to have reasonably validated and prepared an RPM given two “tuesday meetings”

You’re conflating the Asterisk source code release with the RPMs released by Sangoma for the FreePBX distro. Asterisk 17 has been out since Oct 2019 and it hasn’t been brought into the Sangoma repos yet for FreePBX.

Again, not the same.

That’s what Tuesday meetings are for, if the guy in the lab next door has released updated software 5 months ago, but your department has yet do validate it, then someone needs to explain why they can’t validate and ask for revisions.

Yes, I have compiled Asterisk 17 and after 3 months no complaints against FreePBX 15, so I guess I am happy.

But surely others relying on “the distro” would like for Sangoma/FreePBX to co-ordinate with Sangoma/Asterisk a little quicker ( which, unless you missed it , was the gist of my original post)

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I have understood, we have to wait a little till everything is ready.

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New V17 supported asterisk-version-switch is available to download. I just updated mine to Asterisk 17.2 using it.

Hi All,

As you might have seen, we are trying to synchronize meaningful EDGE releases with a forum post that explains what we did, link to wiki and the team that did it: This way we are all in sync.

Though, as @BlazeStudios stated, EDGE is meant for development and at times we might not have everything lined up for community consumption. Though this should be an exception not the rule.

The above mentioned, public forum post is the invitation for community to test new EDGE features with more structure and context. Hope this helps.

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