Switching from S500 to P325 phones - config help

PBX Version: 15.0.24
PBX Distro: 12.7.8-2203-2.sng7
Asterisk Version: 16.8

I’m switching over from S500 to P325 phones. So I have purchased one phone and am trying to configure.

I have started on the Wiki (which is out of date) and got as far turning on DPMA and removing the appropriate phone module.

Q1: Any up to date instructions on the subject?

Q2: I’m trying to set up the default template for P325 and stumbled at the first post. The Type dropdown shows only BLF and Speed Dial! Where have all the other options gone?

The wiki shows only models 310 and 315 but shows a long list of options for Type.

I have installed firmware 1.53 for D&P phones.

PS: I’m creating a new VM. Which version of Asterisk is recommended?

PPS: Q3: What is the USB port for on the P325?

Hi Les

I’ve overhauled the Getting started page here

If that’s the page you’ve been following, take a look again.

Thank you - very much better - I will work through it as I progress.

But the main issue is not resolved, I’m only seeing these two options
instead of about a dozen.

I just tried it on a brand new latest distro with the same result.

Hi Les

It’s addressed in the wiki page, but I’ve since emphasized it with a yellow note. On P-series phones, Line Keys are used for BLF and SpeedDial buttons only, and the horizontal Soft Keys are used for the Apps. The device will automatically create a Line button for you for each account registration, so you don’t need to assign those in EPM.

Thank you. One last question. The phones come with one or two USB ports. What are these for? I cannot find anywhere details as to their purpose.

For the phones that support the expansion module (sidecar) they use the USB port on the edge for the connection. They also support the Sangoma wired EHS headsets.

Thanks again for all your help.

(From a marketing point of view they are not really ‘usb ports’. They are just ports for proprietary equipment. Not really meaningful or helpful to refer to then simply as usb ports.)

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