Switching between outbound routes


I am trying to configure FreePBX so that I can disable a group of extensions from accessing trunk lines. The difficult part and the added complication is I need to be able to the dynamically control the flow, eg using a feature code or similar. I have played around with the custom context module and the time module but I just cant seem the get the end result I need.
Can any advise me a way to to this please? I’m at a loss now
In my mind it would be good if I could switch between to outbound route profiles.



This runs a little opposite of what the normal operation of the system is, so you’re going to have to explain what you really want to do.

Using outbound routes, it may be relatively simple to do what you want, but I’m still not clear that you are going to get where you want to go using that solution.

More details, and have you looked at commercial modules to see what they can do?

Hi In short I want to stop a group of extensions from dialling out of the building when I activate it with a feature code.

I have looked at at the commercial modules but I cant confirm that they will be able to do what I need.
any help would be appreciated .

The extension routing module comes close, can anyone confirm you can enable or disable outbound calls with a feature code?

It’s a commercial module. A quick phone call to Sangoma Sales should confirm it.

Anecdotally, we’ve had many people over the years limit outbound calling to certain ranges of extensions using this module. Also, the Caller ID Field in your Outbound Route should be able to take wildcards, IIRC.

No. Not with Extension Routes or Class of Service. What you’re describing would need some custom work.

edit - To elaborate further, you could create a block of custom code that either enables or disables a specific outbound route. If you were using extension routes configured to restrict a group of extensions only to that specific route, they would effectively be blocked from outbound calling. If you needed to secure the feature code (Misc Application) from being accessed by unauthorized peeps, then you could use Class of Service for that. You would even set a hint that would toggle so you can tell at a glance with BLF if it’s enabled.

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