Switching between office hours and closed hours with feature codes

Ive setup a small Freepbx environment with 5 phones. Then configured time conditions and use them for the inbound route. I made 2 versions: working hours and closed hours. Every now and then Im leaving my office and want to manually switch to closed hours.
When I try to do this with the proper feature code (*271 is open and *272 is closed)
For example: when time condition Open is active , Im trying to activate time condittion Closed with *272 , and this is not working .. Is this possible or am I thinking wrong ? And if Im thinking wrong , what is the proper way to do this ?
Thanks in advance,

Sounds like you are confused about how to use Time Groups/Conditions. For the scenario you describe, you only need one Time Condition with one feature code. When the condition is ‘true’ you are open and calls are handled accordingly. When the condition is false, you are closed and call handling changes to after hours. If you wish to override the automatic setting, you can use the feature code to toggle back and forth between the two conditions.

Hi Lorne,
you are right , I was thinking the wrong way …
Thanks for your help, sometimes life can be simple :grinning: