Switching asterisk versions

I’ve been working on setting up a new server for my company. i had to start with version 3.x because of what we currently use so i could transfer the backup files. Everything has gone well so far and i’m now running version 6.12.x One thing i’ve been wanting to do is switch to a newer asterisk version. At first i was running asterisk 10 and i successfully managed to upgrade to 11 using the following command.
According to the documentation i found i should be able to switch to 13 using the same command, however that isn’t an option in the script.
Do i have an out of date script? If so, where can i find an updated one?


You need to update your distro.

Just to be clear in my mind, are you talking about my operating system like sendOS when you say i have to upgrade my distro?




Thanks for the help.
That’s what i needed.
Part of the issue was that this is the first time for me building a freepbx system and because of existing structure i was forced to start with what the company had. i had to start on distro version 3.211.6310 so as you can guess, that’s a lot of updates!!
O well, they are all complete now so no worries.
As a side note, what’s the best way to get notified of new stable releases?