Switched phone companies.....Please HELP! Cannot make outgoing calls anymore - I can receive calls -

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Switched phone companies…Please HELP! Cannot make outgoing calls anymore - I can receive calls -

Not sure why my company switched phone companies (from Broadview to Verizon) - Im assuming we are getting a better price through Verizon - I was unaware of the switch until after it happened. Now I cant make any calls. I did not set up this TB server, so i never went through the beginning stages. I am using V 2.4 - I un-hooked all 5 phonelines from the TB and hooked them up individually to an ordinary telephone. I was able to make calls from each line (outgoing) - If there is any help out there, I would greatly appreciate it - If you need me to post anything, I would be glad to - Thank You to all !!

My advise is to seek professional help with this. Really the only way to figure this out is to watch the CLI while calls are being attempted to see where the breakdown is.

Thanks for the Reply - I did figure out how to make outgoing calls by trial and error…and not sure what the reasoning is behind it, but it may help someone in the future -

Prior to the Telco Switch, I had to dial “9” before making outgoing calls. Now I have to Dial “99” . Not sure why or how - but its working

More than likely, there is a time delay after going off-hook until you get dial tone. This has been seen many times before. You probably need to put some delay in your dial plan after the line goes off hook and before the number is actually dialed.

By putting an extra 9 in you’re simulating the delay. This solution may cause you some problems on and off.

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