Switched from analog copper lines to a Pri. What type of Trunk do I use? Currently using Zap

I have a system that was three years old working fine on 4 analog “copper lines”.
Just changed over to a PRI from local tel co. Installed a Sangamo card which was configured by factory support. System seems to work fine until we found out from incoming callers that not ALL calls are coming thru. On outgoing calls sometimes getting all circuits busy with only 2 to 4 callers on the phone Currently using Zap trunk setting. I have increased incoming and outgoing routes hoping to solve this problem.

It probably has to do with the number of B channels your provider has allocated. It will usually be 8 or 10 on a small system. You’ll have to configure the Sangoma card to match the correct number of channels.

From Asterisk CLI:

“pri show channels” & see what you get.



I went to Asterisk CLI, entered pri show channels and got this response:

No such command ‘pri channels’

Also talked to the local provider and advised we have one “D” and 23 “B” channels.


It’s ‘dahdi show channels’ and ‘pri show spans’

You can also do a ‘pri show span xx’ where xx is the span number shown in the first command.

Either I’m crazy or the rest of the world is:

[[email protected] ~]# asterisk -rx "pri show channels"
PRI B Chan Call PRI Channel
Span Chan Chan Idle Level Call Name
1 1 Yes No Connect Yes DAHDI/i1/6016362208-954e
1 2 Yes No Connect Yes DAHDI/i1/6019069864-954f
1 3 Yes No Connect Yes DAHDI/i1/6016188771-9553
1 4 Yes No Connect Yes DAHDI/i1/9173799991-9552
1 5 Yes Yes Idle No
1 6 Yes Yes Idle No
1 7 Yes Yes Idle No
1 8 Yes Yes Idle No
1 9 Yes Yes Idle No
1 10 Yes Yes Idle No
1 11 Yes Yes Idle No
1 12 Yes Yes Idle No
1 13 Yes Yes Idle No
1 14 Yes Yes Idle No
1 15 Yes Yes Idle No
1 16 Yes Yes Idle No
1 17 Yes Yes Idle No
1 18 Yes Yes Idle No
1 19 Yes Yes Idle No
1 20 Yes Yes Idle No
1 21 Yes Yes Idle No
1 22 Yes Yes Idle No
1 23 Yes Yes Idle No
[[email protected] ~]#

“dahdi show channels” is fairly useless when checking a pri state because it shows ALL dahdi channels, including any analog channels. You want to look at only the pri “B” channels.

pri show span xx gives you as fair amount of info about the PRI provisioning, but doesn’t give info on the individual channels.

A quick and dirty command to see if the pri is up is:
“pri show spans”

That gives you a quick look as to whether the pri is up or in alarm.


I was going by memory, guess my memory ain’t so good. If he does not have that command then something more is wrong.

Sorry for the goof.

This is a trixbox, so that is a huge part of your problem.

trixbox is an abandoned project that “forked” Asterisk and FreePBX. It is completely unsupported and they had a million different versions.

I believe it has more to do with the version of Asterisk. That command is not available in my version.

[email protected] asterisk# asterisk -rx 'pri show channels’
No such command ‘pri show channels’ (type ‘help pri show’ for other possible commands)
[email protected] asterisk#

I would like to know what command replaced it though. I have been looking and have not found an answer.

[email protected] asterisk# asterisk -r
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Don’t know what the command is…As far as I know, this has been the command from 1.2, which is where I started. At 1.8 now.


tab competion is part of asterisk, have you tried it?

type a few letters and press tab, all further options will be shown, iterate down . . .

(as a hint many earlier commands now start with ‘core’ )

But as you have been told Asterik 1.6 is way past prime and Trickybox is dead as a dodo, no one can help you here until you use a legitimate asterisk and FreePBX.