Hi All,
Im looking to to see what you guys recommend for switchboard operator module im looking to give them touch screens and i want to know what is the best solution for this.

Thank you in

You are convoluting the problem, a touchscreen is just an overlay of a mouse (HID) , choose ZULU or UCP or FOP2 , there are several that are used. all are interactive and a mouse press is just a ‘touch’ in your world.

Thank you for your respond
I just want to give my switchboard somthing good the do receive lot of calls and they do transfer all over for about 800 extension thank yoh

800 extensions over any screen resolution would be a real problem, think about that.

FOP2 uses html5 but most use java so that’s a deal breaker, you would need a microscope and further the realtime updates would be incredibly hard to constrain in any network.

Thank you so much dicko,
I need to come up with a solution and thank you for your help.

Let us know how that works out :wink:

I will thanks

You can also look at iSymphony I know they have installs with thousands of extensions and their server piece if very robust and it’s tightly integrated into FreePBX with a module.

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Hi tony,
I have isymphony now using for some queue monitoring, im not that happy.
When i spoke to sangoma sales they recommended xactview wich is same as isymphony, I did a test on digium switchboard which i like it alot.

Gotcha. Well your options are FOP2 or iSymphony for FreePBX.

Thank you Tony.

I will check FOP2 thank you.

Used to be http://www.dashlet.net (https://twitter.com/dashletdotnet) Not sure what happened to them.

I have two operator stations with FOP2 and touch screens.

Let me see if I can find a photo. We have about 100 extensions; we just group them by department in FOP2.

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