Switch to asterisk 12 (or 13) or no?

I’ve updated my system to PBX Firmware: 6.12.65-18 and now asterisk 12 and 13 are available for use (currently on 11)…are there any advantages/disadvantages to switching to 12 or 13? any known deal breakers?

If you enjoy correctly working CDRs then stay on Asterisk 11.

The misconception from certain community leaders is that freepbx CDRs are broken in freepbx 12 however this is not the case

CDRs were restructured for asterisk 12+ and they log everything now and I mean everything. This esenially causes issues with freepbx. Try it out yourself though and see if it’s a blocker. You can always switch back to asterisk 11 and or 1.8 which freepbx 12 both supports

So finally. I’m not saying cdrs are broken just different

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has this position changed? is this something that works better now?

The position is the same and will not be changing. In FreePBX 13 we will be suggesting to people they should use CEL instead of CDR

CEL == Call Event Logging

so, asterisk 12 is fine as long as you use CEL? how do I get to that function? I rarely have to do phone call searches but when I do they’re fairly important ones

Well firstly Asterisk 12 was a short term release and is not LTS. We don’t even provide it any more in lieu of Asterisk 13, if you use 13, then you need to use CEL, Otherwise CDR may be ok but you’ll just have to see yourself. This is one of the reasons why we state Asterisk 13 is experimental (at least for us, not digium)