Switch in use Freepbx from device and user mode to extensions mode

We currently have a Freepbx system which is in device and user mode. We were trying to use the latest version of isymphony but this does not support device and user mode currently. Is there a way to move from Device and User mode to extension mode for a currently working installation?


You did not provide any version info on your system but there should be an option in Advanced Settings called User & Devices Mode. I have never switch a system from deviceanduser to extension mode on the fly so I can’t say it it will work well. I would make sure you have a good backup of your system if you are going to attempt this in case it goes south.

User & Devices Mode is being depreciated in newer versions of FreePBX.

Thanks for the reply. We are using Freepbx version 2.11. I saw the option in advanced settings and was wondering if anyone has actually tried it.

Do you know which version User & Devices mode is being depreciated in?

I think it is the next version which is version 12.

D&U mode was never really a thing. It was an advanced option for advanced users. It’s purpose was to allow some out of the box things to happen. It inherently breaks things and should not be used by anyone who is unwilling to have Broken things or is unable to fix things they need which might break.

The question is why are you in this mode in the first place. If you were put in to D&U mode to do something outside the box that thing may break. FreePBX is always D&U under the hood, the mode just exposes things to the user. So turning it off should not break any normal functionality. Turning it off may break outside the box functionality.