Switch from chan_sip to chan_pjsip problems

Long/short… upgraded from freepbx 13 to freepbx 16 using the backup and restore. Freepbx 13 was running chan_sip so when I restored that is what freepbx was setup to use. And that is fine. Also setup a warm spare which is working great.

Now for the fun part… I made a new ext on the main server using chan_pjsip to test switching all ext over to pjsip. The ext will not register and fails with wrong password in the logs.
chan_sip.c: Registration from ‘sip:[email protected]’ failed for ‘myipaddress:5061’ - Wrong password.

BUT, using the ip address of the secondary sip (warm spare), the phone registers on the backup server with no problems.
I noticed in the logs of the warm spare that res_pjsip is asking for register and not chan_sip.

Why would they be different if the warm is a replica of the main?

Any help greatly appreciated.

SIP and PJSIP listen on different ports. How are you configuring the new extension? In addition to the IP for the phone system you have to make sure to tell it the PJSIP UDP port that the pbx is listening on.

Thanks Igor for the info. The main and the warm are set to listen as follows… chan_sip 5060 and chan_pjsip listens for 5061. Local sip port on the grandstream phone is 5060. Without changing anything after a factory reset on the phone… it will not register at the main server and gets the wrong password error. But using the warm spare ip the phone registers.

When you configure the registration server on the phone you have to tell it to register to port 5061 for the pjsip extension.

Hot server and spare server are setup exactly the same. With doing nothing to phone except changing ip address from hot to spare the phone registers. The extension is set to pjsip on both servers listening on port 5061.

My confusion is why is it registering on spare and not main.

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