Switch calls

I am embarassed to ask this, but I cannot fing the answer anywhere!!

I am on an incoming call and another comes in, which I can see due to call waiting.

How do I switch between the existing call and the new incoming call?

Also if the first call hangs up, how can I answer the one that is still ‘waiting’.

I could do this on my old handset, as there was a pre-programmed button, but not me new one!

Sureley there is a quick code?

How can we possibly help you? You did not even tell us what kind of phone you have!

Try again please.

By your response, I assume you do not know if there is a standard * or # code!

The phone is a Fanvil 6030 running V1.7.192.197, if that helps.

Here’s a link to standard feature codes in an earlier version of freePBX. I’m not sure what the latest ones are.

There is no * or # key. This is a SIP phone with 5 line appearances. Each call should arrive on the next line appearance.

ATA’s handle this by intercepting hookflash events and switching between virtual line appearances.

A phone with dedicated line appearances will not have this functionality.


thanks for the pointer, but nothing indicated in the list!

this phone did have the function, but a software upgrade removed that. As for the 5 line appearance, I need to see exactly how that works, so I can jump between lines.

Thnaks to both for pointers.

BTW, I am using IAX, not SIP, on the 6030, and this phone only has 1 IAX line!

My trunk can deliever multiple concurrentl calls!

I don’t know that phone so I can’t comment. If it has 5 line keys you should never get the call waiting tone. That’s just not how it works.