Support on Commercial Modules?

Hello! I am having trouble with VM Notify. It rings all the extensions on the list until each one is answered individually - even if one has already taken care of it. I opened a support ticket in the portal, but he had trouble connecting. The last email I received from him stated I did not have any support credits. I thought I could receive support on commercial modules. I tried setting up the VPN, but that wouldn’t start or wouldn’t configure. Is my understanding of the commercial module support incorrect?

Thank you for your help. What logs do you need to further help me?

I don’t have vm notify, but here are some links for support info. Are your modules up to date? Is your OS up to date?

Per their site -

Support is provided on installation help and also bug reporting and escalation of the bug.  **We do not provide support on configuration and setup**.  Please use the Sangoma wiki for Commercial modules at

Opening a Ticket

Voicemail Notify (also known as “VM Notify”) lets you configure a voicemail notification to monitor a mailbox for new messages. When a caller leaves a message in that voicemail box, the system will call the recipients you have listed until one of them accepts responsibility for the message. The system will simultaneously call all the numbers listed in the first priority level. Then, if no one accepts the message, the system will call all the numbers in the next priority level, and so forth, until it runs out of priorities to call. It will then retry the entire list if it is configured to do so.

So all the first priority folks will be called simultaneously until someone accepts responsibility. You can put people at different priorities to separate them.

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