Support in Montreal


As a Systems Administrator, I’ve recently inherited an existing FreePBX system developed by the last guy that worked here. Unfortunately, he has gone on his merry way without providing any training on the current system. I have absolutely no experience with FreePBX and am unable to tinker with the system seeing as it is constantly in use.

My question goes like this: Is there anyone on these forums (hopefully in the Montreal area) that would be able to provide a day’s worth or so of paid FreePBX training?

Or at the very least, would anyone know of any 3rd party VoIP support in this area??

Any assistance would be very much appreciated.


I don’t know about in the local area, but the Paid Support team as FreePBX is one option to provide such help and will do training, and there is also an OTTS FreePBX training coming up next month at Digium Headquarters. (You can click on the training link below or on one of the banner ads if you are not running a blocker.