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Support for SNMP UPS

(Feisal) #1


The ups monitor, apcupsd supports snmp out of the box. I have a particular setup where my upses have network cards and power several devices. SNMP gives me the the ability to monitor easily.
There is no option in the UPS server setup to select SNMP as the UPStype. I had to do it by editing the config file (of course I loose my edits whenever a change is made in the admin setup)
What I am asking is for the GUI to add SNMP as an option to the UPStype, the rest of the functionality exists.

(Dave Burgess) #2

Did you do it in a Feature Request?

If not, there’s no guarantee that anyone that can help you will see it - we’re all basically user here.

(Feisal) #3

Silly me. :frowning:
I just did, thanks