Support for event "ua-profile" and Content-Type "application/simservs+xml"

I have been reading and I don’t find a positive information, so I guess what I want is not supported. Anyway, I want to ask here if anyone has an idea on how to do it:

What I want to do is to FreePBX to send a NOTIFY when a user enable/disable Call Forwarding with an event “ua-profile” with Content Type “application/simservs+xml”. The user should be automatically subscribe for events “ua-profile”, so it won’t send a subscribe.
Why I want to do this? I’m trying to replicate/simulate a customer requirement. They are using IMS and their Application Server is doing what I described.

If all you want to do is send a NOTIFY then there is the ability to configure NOTIFY types[1] and initiate them from the CLI or AMI but there is very much not out of the box “just works” support for that event or content type.

[1] asterisk/pjsip_notify.conf.sample at 20 · asterisk/asterisk · GitHub

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