Support for Aastra 6867i hardkeys

Is there support for the hardkeys in the EPM Pro?

I tried adding them manually in the basefile edit, no luck. At first I thought I was programming the keys incorrect, however I was able to get the hardkeys working fine on another platform we use.

Were you able to get anywhere with getting the hardkeys programmed? I was looking at buying a few of them and I see they have the changeable hardkeys that ship with it

I have not, however I have not looked any further into it. It was decided to keep the factory shipped hardkeys in an effort to keep provisioning work simple.

On the new Aastra 6867i I have no troubles with the hard key on the sides. But for the lower softkey the EPM is not formatting the data correctly. When you log into the phone you can see the MAC.CFG file EPM created has the data, but the button type needs to be set.
I think this will be fixed soon.

What is the issues with the side keys?
and what program do you just to create MAC.CFG files?

I’m using the EPM Pro module. I am able to get the hardkeys working fine by generating a txt file by hand and point the phone to a local tftp server. I am using the following parameters below to replace the stock xfer & conf hardkeys

hardkey8 type: dnd
hardkey9 type: speeddial
hardkey9 value: 5555

Again I would like to stress I have NOT done any further testing on this on the EPM Pro. For all I know if could be something silly I overlooked.