SuperMicro servers

Looking for opinions on Supermicro servers. Anyone use them? Are they good units?

I have a site with the following requirements

200 phones (polycom 501 and polycom DECT)
No call recording but it might be an option.

I was looking at a HP DL380 G7 but it is a little pricy at $4450.

Looked at a Dell R710 but they only have PCI Express slots and my Digium TE410 is a PCI-X.

They make very good servers. You have nothing to worry about with their server line.

I just bought 10 dual hex core Supermicro machines to update our hosting farm. They are great. 1/2 the price of the HP DL360/380’s (which I also love).

Enterprise SAS drives are scarce as hen’s teeth right now.