Superfector not working with User Manager lookups

Using superfector to do lookups for the inbound calls, added the UserManager lookup and a couple others, noticed it didn’t work on a test call. Found the test module and tried it with my mobile number, which is assigned to me in user manager, in the mobile number field, this is the output:

Debug is on and set at level: 3
The Original Number: {REDACTED}
The Scheme: Default
Debugging Enabled, will not stop after first result

Scheme Asked is: Default
The DID is: 5555555555
The CNAME is: CID Superfecta!

Starting scheme Default
 Executing Asterisk Phonebook
Searching Asterisk Phonebook ... 
not found
result  took 0.0015 seconds.

 Executing Superfecta Cache
Searching Superfecta Cache ... 
not found
result  took 0.0012 seconds.

 Executing FreePBX User Mgr
Searching FreePBX User Manager...
{"error":{"type":"Whoops\\Exception\\ErrorException","message":"Undefined index: CNAM_Format","file":"\/var\/www\/html\/admin\/modules\/superfecta\/sources\/source-FreePBX_User_Mgr.module","line":49}}

Dirk please open a bug report on this at

Thanks, done, issue 11714