Superfecta Who Called UK has changed again

I noticed that the Who Called source had stopped working again, so I’ve patched it locally. How do I best get that change into the repo?

There’s a change in case on the number of comments DOM id and the addition of the “negative” rating.

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Does anybody have a working version of the module? It’s broken again presumably due to changes with the website

If not I’ll begin doing some attempts to get it going again.


Only a few min of investigation, but it looks like Who Called UK is blocking the CURL request. It does not appear to be as simple as just blocking a specific user agent(s). Testing with a URL that works in a browser results in 403 forbidden when using superfecta.

huh, weird, it seemed to work for me when I ran the superfecta test, it just wasn’t identifying the correct keywods anymore. I’ll try again now

I think they might be geographically blocking you, Lorne? Works for me from within the UK
-----> Here’s the complete response

Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 11.58.21

HI This seems to be broken again and I cannot figure out the issue - I’m in the UK and still get error 403 like above? Has anyone got a working patch or module for this? Thanks.