Superfecta problem

hi, i need to create a connection AA-VMS with DB.

so, i choose to used CID lookup source at first, but then i had a prob in “query” field. i don’t know what supposed i put in this “query” i am not gonnna used CID lookup source.

next i choose to used superfecta, every thing is ok during uploading and installation process in freepbx.

my problem is, i always get the “authentication required” pop up menu. even i have try to enter my admin username and password, but there is still asking for the authentication required.

it show:-

A username and password are being requested by http://localhost. The site says:“sysadmin-only”

any ideas please…=(
almost a week i tried this, but i got no is suck…!!!

Remove .hcaccess file in Superfecta Folder