Superfecta not running "send to..."

Running FreePBX Distro 6.12.65-31 and have just noticed that CID Superfecta is no longer running two “send to X” data sources. They run ok in debug mode, but in production they don’t seem to fire. In checking my logfiles I see that the last time they were working in production was way back in September.

I’ve read in some other threads that the order of sources can matter, the sources I use are confgured thusly…

Asterisk Phonebook
Trunk Provided
Superfecta Cache
Telco Data
Send to URL
Send to Growl

Nether send to URL nor Send to Growl is working at this point, I am getting results returned so at least some of the prior 5 sources are working, though I don’t know how to tell which (in production). As I’ve said, all 7 of the sources seem to work in debug/test. In the time since September when this was working the system has moved from the 5.x to 6.x track and moved up to Asterisk 13/Freepbx13. The Superfecta config has not been touched at all though.

Any suggestions appreciated.