Superfecta Herold-Austria - not working anymore - they changed the code

Just realized that the Superfecta Herold-Austria template does not work anymore. They changed the code on the website. This time my rudimentary skills are not good enough to adapt the template. Just reporting… :wink:
The links for the search changed to (I think)


Unfortunately, the result string changed too…and that’s the point where I have to give up…

A test link for business is
and the test link for a standard entry is

The resulting numbers are displayed with the country code of Austria (+43), but just to pick up the names this seems to be not relevant. The search still works with the local area code e.g. 01 for Vienna.

Starting Friday off with regex’s, better than wordle to get the brain working. Give this version a try and see if you can break it. source-Herold_Austria.module · GitHub


You fixed it…awesome!!! Thanks a lot! :smiley: :upside_down_face: :tophat: :1st_place_medal: :trophy: :tada:

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Updates committed

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