Superfecta & Google (is this fix being merged into 15?)

Google Contacts doesn’t work with SuperFecta on FreePBX 15, unless this fix is manually applied ([FREEPBX-23790] Fix for Google Contacts CID Lookup - Sangoma Issue Tracker) - which causes “tamper” alerts.

Is there any likelihood of the fix being applied to the mainline in v15/16?

Says right on the bug report what they are doing.

Sounds like you may have to deal with the tamper or upgrade to the fix. I don’t believe 15 is EOL yet, but will likely be with the release of FreePBX 17.

Hmm, I’m running a home solution in Docker (I know, people frown, but it works) - so will have a look. Didn’t spot the 16.0.20 bit, thanks.

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