Superfecta 2.2.5beta1 (SOLUTION ON MY LAST POST)

Trying to stay out of the pbxiaf-freepbx-distro-rivalry, that being said:

I have successfully got 2.25 running, the superfecta’s sources seem to work in the debug mode, cname is retrieved okay, but the cname never makes it to the extension.

Has anyone else gotten superfecta working? I know there was a file patch procedure a couple of superfecta’s ago, trouble is I don’t have that old recipe. Any help I would be extremely grateful.

Well you say you want to stay out of the ‘pbxiaf-freepbx-distro-rivalry’ but asking about superfecta on FreePBX is not the right place. None of the developers spend time here (and if they do it’s a very limited amount).

Asking on the PBX in a Flash forums would be much better.

You probably haver cache on or some permissions issue going on. it’s well documented at PBX in a flash

I couldn’t even get the debug mode to work. I bailed rather quickly and opted for a sip provider that gave me CNAM. Vitelity is .9 cents per dip. I think flowroute has a flat $1 per month option. Just wasn’t work the hassle to me.

First of all don’t install 2.2.5beta
if you have you can safely uninstall using freepbx module admin.

download and install the prior version 2.2.4
located here:

After uploading and installing to your server follow these instructions from
Ward Mundy the originator.

cd /var/www/html/admin/modules/superfecta/bin
mv callerid.php callerid.old.php
mv callerid.txt callerid.php
chown asterisk:asterisk callerid.php

(Do NOT waste time with 2.2.25beta ) It will not work with freepbx 2.9.07

Perhaps someday we can get compatible shared code into our respective repositories.

knightflyer??? What the heck?

Can you contact one of the developers about your issue with 2.2.5 instead of just saying not to use it here. Ward Mundy does not control, in fact NO ONE DOES and therefore he does not control superfecta, it is NOT his project. The lead of that site (colsolgrp) has fallen off the face of the earth. Therefore we had to branch it and fork it to continue it on github (

I just can’t believe you’d post that here without doing research or contacting someone about your issue! Or even posting on the PBX in a flash forums! wow!

Plenty of people on PBX in a flash are using Superfecta 2.2.5, well into FreePBX 2.10 and it works fine.

To clarify and summarize:
[]There is no distro rivalry.
]Projects on the development site are all stagnating because the site admin has abandoned it for almost a year now. There have been no updates to areas available to the public since last January. All of the active projects are being forked so development can continue. This is not the place to go for current code. The current dev site for Superfecta is:
[]Superfecta 2.2.5 beta 1 does work with FreePBX 2.9, there are numerous testaments to this. It was released specifically for this reason.
]The procedure outlined above of installing Superfecta 2.2.4 then “patching” was an old technique of getting Superfecta to work with FreePBX 2.9 before Superfecta 2.2.5 was released. The code between the two is pretty much the same, if one works they both should work. Nobody should be running old versions of Superfecta because all Superfecta versions prior to 2.2.5 will no longer get automatic updates,the update site is no longer maintained (see above)
[*]Occasionally it occurs that someone has issues installing or using a module, such as the OP. In situations like this it is preferable to work with the developers so that we can solve the problem for everyone, but of course we can only do this if we know about it. The OP’s advice to use an old version of the code and patch is NOT the preferred way to use this module.

I have downloaded and installed the ‘latest’ from

It installed as 2.25beta1
and appears to work without any obvious issues.

My ‘Solution’ is no longer to be used, in favor of this ‘approved’ version of superfecta.

Since I had a problem with a newly installed freepbx2.9.07 and superfecta2.25beta chances are others, including newcomers did too.

When I dispensed my advice to use the old procedure, there were not any solutions on the table from the developers, other than the standard ‘you must of done something wrong’ that we programmers, including myself have been known to reply.

I found a solution that worked for me, and was able to keep a few skeptical freepbx operators happy. I shared my solution in this forum. If others saved time and effort great. If I bruised someone’s ego or steered someone down the wrong path, I’m sorry.

I am grateful for all the developers and supporters of this and all open projects.

I encourage everyone to 'Stay Solution Oriented’
Thank You

Glad that things worked out and, more importantly, that your experience confirms what I wrote above :slight_smile:

A slight point of correction, it was never suggested that “you must have done something wrong”, it was suggested that you visit the PIAF forums for advice. A vague guess as to the cause of your problem was advanced, but given your initial lack of detail and zero follow-up, I am sure you will agree that it was unlikely we could reasonably diagnose this problem.

The developers as well as dozens of experienced users of this module are all active on the PBX in a Flash forum. Future issues will get a much better response there.

I installed the 2.2.5 beta 1 and now i have no caller ID data sources. I’ve uninstalled, and re-installed. I still have no caller ID data sources.

I get :

#Data Sources

#Select which data source(s) to use for your lookups, and the order in which you #want them used:

But, no sources are listed to check.

I am running FreePBX and realized my caller ID was not working. My data sources were listed, however, the callerid was not working. I updated and it’s still not working, but no i have no data sources listed either.

I hope someone can help.

Thank you.