Super slow system - htop image attached

All of a sudden today my system slowed down like crazy. Running a htop I see the following:

Nothing jumps out at me, any ideas?

My guess is you are getting pummeled by a scanner bot trying to brute force you which is causing excessive logging. In that case I would ban that IP or IPs in iptables.

iptables -a input -s xx.xx.xx.xx -j DROP

If not that then check if there are any excessively large files in /var/log/journal which may mean its not trimming itself.

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Well just my var/log/message file alone today is 700M and growing.

By excessively large I mean several gigs. 700MB, while large, is not excessively large and not that uncommon. If it’s regularly rotating and previous rotations are much smaller then the answer is excessive logging and the reason is most likely you are getting brute forced. You could also have debug logging enabled and are getting lots of error/warning messages for some reason.

Your message log file should tell you all you need to know.

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