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Well. How about something that gives 3-7 day licenses? I have other vendors who will give an expiring license specifically so we can stand up a new machine without taking down the old one, and that gives us the time to make sure it is working as intended, and then we can roll back to the old server if needed.

But also, I will point out releasing a new tool and then it not getting a ton of use right at the beginning might be because many of us have been burned by release v.1 tools here and it would need to continue to mature. Switching out PBX systems isn’t so simple to begin with, and without the ability to have failover easily implemented it’s not a feasible option to just dive in. We’ve all seen QC take 6 months to fix an issue in some portion that we thought should have been an obvious flag (and yes, I know a bug that’s obvious to me isn’t necessarily surfacing on similar system-but that’s perception, and when the bugs are acknowledged it’s an issue when they take a long time to get resolved).

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