Sunday bug in endpoint manager sangoma daylight-saving-settings

If one enters Sunday last week in March and Sunday last week in October in the daylight-saving-settings of the regional section in Sangoma endpoint manager, like this

after save, rebuild configs and update phones, when you re-visit the regional settings, it looks like this

in both fields “Monday” is selected, yet on the Sangoma phone everything seems to be ok

So open a bug ticket so someone can fix it.

I already did…

Commercial products require you to go through support at The issue tracker you opened the ticket in is a ticketing system for open source FreePBX. You picked the OSS EPM so nobody in FreePBX will pick it up since OSS EPM is not supported by Sangoma and never has been.

ok…I changed it to “commercial”, but I won’t go through support at Sangoma. I thought the free version (for Sangoma and Digium phones) is part of freePBX.
I just want others to save some time…

That won’t help. They will direct you to support. is for open source FreePBX stuff.

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