Suggestions -- Time Conditions

Current Time condition programming in FreePBX works fine. But for situations like, office opens Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the programming becomes tedious and need to create 3 separate entries for Time Condition.

Suggest to alter the interface so that the users can decide the starting time and ending time for each of the day in a week:

Monday: Start __________, End ____________
Tuesday: Start __________, End ____________
Wednesday: Start __________, End ____________
Thursday: Start __________, End ____________
Friday: Start __________, End ____________
Saturday: Start __________, End ____________
Sunday: Start __________, End ____________

Use this user interface, any schedule can be set by using just one entry of Time Condition. Will reduce the complexity of programming.


The eventual plan is a bit more generalized. You would include any number of time conditions into a time condition object. (like you can do with trunks in routes). Then that time condition object would be available to any module that understand and wants to use time conditions. So the current time condition module kind of goes away, and instead, the goto is controlled by choosing the time condition object you created elsewhere (similar to including a recording from system recordings). Then other module like outbound routes could use timeconditions, for example. (e.g. this route is only available during certain times). Or some feature code is only available during some time condition.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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For users like me who know little of programming, I only know hot to use the GUI in FreePBX. The current Time Condition GUI would not allow users to have diffierent starting time or ending time between the selected days.

For example, if Company ABC opens in the afternoons on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, mornings for Tuesday and Thursday, if I choose Monday to Friday, then I was not able to choose different starting time for each of the day. However, if have the suggested GUI, then it can be set up like this:

Monday: start 12pm, end 5pm
Tuesday: start 9am, end 12pm
Wednesday: start 12pm, end 5pm
Thursday: start 9am, end 12pm
Friday: start 12pm, end 5pm
Saturday: start 1am, end 1am
Sunday: start 1am, end 1am

if condition met, then …

if conditino not met, then …

In your example, you can make 7 time entries, one for each day. And then you can include them all as part of a time based goto. That assumes that the new changes don’t have additional flexibility such as a pull down box on the day that lets you highlight multiple independent days or something like that.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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I see.

Yes, it works. Basically, for Monday’s Time Condition, if condition met, go to ring extensions; if not met, goto Time Condition of Tuesday. If Tuesday condition met, ring extensions, if not, goto Time Condition of Wednesday… all the way to Sunday Time condition.

I have 2 business :slight_smile: using one FreePBX machine. This would become quite complex because I need upto 14 time conditions to handle the extreme case. I suggest by just changing the GUI of Time Condition module in the FreePBX to spell out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and allow users to choose different starting time and ending time by a drop down manual, only 2 entries are needed to handle the same extreme case.

In addition to the 2 business DIDs, I also have a home DID :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion. I entered it into the “Feature Request” section.

Thanks, Philippe.

I don’t think you are understanding what I am describing. Today you have to do that, link together large numbers of timeconditions. Also, today it only supports ranges of days. In the future, each object itself could be made more specific (e.g. one object is “mon,wed,fri 8-5” and another is “tues,thrus 8-7” and then a single bi-directional ‘goto’ could be created which says if one of the following time conditions are met, got to open hours, and then you would choose these two conditions. And now you could go to your other business which might have the same times but different destinations and do the same thing. That would be the idea. Although an improvement is to allow the time condition object itself to add these two times and then have the ‘goto object’ include that, or do both…

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
http// - IRC #freepbx

Thanks, Philippe, for your kindness to elaborate this much for people like me who know nothing about Asterisk programming. I sort of understand what you mean now. Sound like programming in Asterisk.

I use TrixBox. Besides using FreePBX’s GUI, I do not know anything about programming Asterisk… So, I guess I will just to use for now my own non-efficient way for Time Conditions, or to wait for future FreePBX GUI to help me do this :slight_smile:

Thanks so much.